Testing the Quality of Corporate Governance Disclosure of Companies Listed in Bucharest Stock Exchange

Sorana Manoiu Maria Damian Jiri Strouhal 1

1. University of Economics Prague, W. Churchill Square 4, Prague 3, Prague 13067, Czech Republic


The paper analyses the compliance level of Romanian listed companies with corporate governance codes. Since 2010, the “Comply or Explain” Statement, which discloses if and how the corporate governance principles are applied, became mandatory for all companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE). The employed methodology is based on the analysis of the above mentioned Statements published for the period 2009-2013. Paper presents through a longitudinal and qualitative study the evolution of the compliance with the BSE Corporate Governance Codes. Most of the observed companies made a step forward in what concerns corporate governance principles and over the study period they disclosed more information on their statements. On the other hand, there were found cases where the statements made over the studied period contained inconsistencies for some principles. The implementation of corporate governance rules ensures transparent decision-making, based on clear rules and objectives, and increases shareholders’ confidence in the company.


Presentation: Oral at Current Economic and Social Topics 2015, by Jiri Strouhal
See On-line Journal of Current Economic and Social Topics 2015

Submitted: 2015-11-15 04:05
Revised:   2015-11-15 04:11