The Review of the Relationship between the Styles of Humour and the Skills of Solving Problems among the Employees

Veysel Çakmak 1Ümmügül Baş 

1. Aksaray University, Aksaray 68100, Turkey


The humor is known a pattern of behavior which is used as an instrument for funniness, amusement, being funny as well as being an instrument to criticize from different point of view. There are four different types of humor such as participant humor, self-developing humor, aggressive humor and self-destroying humor. Problem solving is a process which begins when the individuals realize the problems around themselves and continues until a solution is found for them. During this process, the individual tries to achieve the goals in his vocational and personal life through eliminating the obstacles. The problem solving process should be executed through a convenient method and in a flexible and effective manner.  More importantly, it is to aim struggling with problems and find new solutions rather than avoiding them.

In the research, the styles of humor among the employees and their skills to solve the problems will be measured and the relationships between those two variants will be analyzed. The field study related to the topic will be carried out on the employees of various enterprises in the province of Aksaray.  The scale of humor styles by Yerlikaya (2003) and the inventory for solving problem by Şahin et al., (1993) will be used as the measurement instrument. 


Presentation: Poster at Current Economic and Social Topics 2015, by Veysel Çakmak
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