A navigation map in the complexity of financial markets

Tiziana Di Matteo 

King's College London (KCL), Strand, London WC2R2LS, United Kingdom


In this talk I will give a broad overview of the state of the art of our contribution to Econophysics up to now. In particular, I will discuss the two main elements that define the complexity of financial time series: the first is multifractality [1], which is associated to the behaviour of each single variable and the way it scales in time; the second is the structure of dependency between time series, associated with the collective behaviour of the whole set of variables [2,3]. For the first analysis I will show results on the application of the Generalized Hurst exponent tool and the Empirical Mode Decomposition method [4,5] and for the second application of network-filtered theoretic tools to different sets of financial market data sets [6,7]. In particular I will introduce a new algorithm, the TMFG (Triangulated Maximally Filtered Graph), that is a scalable and adaptable methodology to efficiently extract a planar filtering graph [8].


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Presentation: Invited oral at 8 Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum "Fizyka w Ekonomii i Naukach Społecznych", by Tiziana Di Matteo
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Submitted: 2015-09-09 10:23
Revised:   2015-11-07 15:03