Legal aspects of nanotechnology

Marcin R. Jurewicz 

Politechnika Białostocka, Białystok 15-351, Poland


Nanotechnology regulations should guarantee the public an opportunity to obtain the benefits of nanotechnology applications with a high degree of compliance with safety, health and environmental protection. The provisions of the European Union law in relation to nanomaterials are arranged according to: products, chemicals, protection of workers and environmental protection. The legislation directly referred to nanotechnology was introduced for cosmetics, biocides and food so far. In other areas where nanomaterials are profited the provisions for their equivalent macro are used.

A duty to extensive data transmission by companies placing nanomaterials on the market in the evaluation procedure, entering the Community lists of authorized substances, granting permits allows authorities to verify the properties of nanomaterials, enhancing their safety and gradually reducing the gaps in scientific knowledge. Furthermore, having such detailed information helps companies to commercial use of nanomaterials. A duty to place components in the form of nanomaterials on the packaging of the product in the list of ingredients and followed them by the word 'nano' serves to strengthen the position of consumers on the market, giving them the possibility of a conscious, deliberate deciding on the purchase of the product.

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Presentation: Oral at Nano and Advanced Materials Workshop and Fair, by Marcin R. Jurewicz
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