Nanotechnologies for load-bearing implants

Andrzej S. Zieliński 1Sylwia Sobieszczyk 

1. Gdansk University of Technology (PG), Narutowicza 11/12, Gdańsk 80-952, Poland


In load-bearing implants the nanotechnologies are applied for different purposes, generally to increase the mechanical strength and structure-enhanced bioactivity. Such solutions may involve development of both microroughness and nanoroughness for titanium dental implants, which makes adhesion of enamel ceramic and/or polymer coatings  to the metallic implant better. Another application includes nanometric reinforcement of dental resins to increase their mechanical properties. In orthopaedics, the conventional PMMA-based cements can be successfully substituted by materials containing hydroxyapatite nanoparticles.

The nanotechnologies are applied at Gdansk University of Technology to improve the biocompatibility and bioactivity of load-bearing implants based on a new concept, i.e. titanium scaffold filled in with a biodegradable and mechanically resistant polymer – ceramic core material. In order to improve the bioactivity, the nanoxide layers are created from the base rutile oxide structure by preferential dissolution in presence of fluorides. Such oxide layers demonstrate the increased bioactivity and because of their specific structure may attract and release such important constituents of an implant as antibiotics, nanosilver and growth factors. Another possible solution is a deposition of nanometric hydroxyapatite coating by sol-gel or electrochemical technique, which adhesion and elasticity are substantially better than that of conventional plasma sprayed coatings. Even for thicker ceramic coatings, their nanoroughness is important for better adhesion of core material. An application of silver in form of single atoms or isolated clusters of nanometric size into bulk of nanotubes of the oxide layer, into hydroxyapatite coating or core material, or as an element of hybride material, can be crucial for achievement of better bioactivity, i.e. preventing the adhesion of bacteria on the surface of metallic implant and then inflammation processes.

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Presentation: Poster at Nano-Biotechnologia PL, by Andrzej S. Zieliński
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