Methods of hydroxyaptite preparation from catle bone tissue in order to create artificial biomaterials for bone tissue replacement.

Lauris Rupeks ,  Viktor Filipenkov ,  Ivars Knets ,  Zilgma Irbe ,  Liga Mezmale ,  Natalija Borodajenko 

Riga Technical University (RTU), Azenes St. 14/24, Riga LV-1048, Latvia


Created method for obtaining natural hydroxyaptie (NHAp) from bone tissue of cattle. The NHAp was obtained at temperature 300-320 oC (first mode) and 260-280 oC (second mode).

First mode – NHAp was obtained from bone tissue of catle. Before deproteinization, the bone was freed from soft tissue and fat aftertwards cutted into 2-3 mm thick layers. Then the bone specimens were placed in a furnace and heat trated in a suspended state in a stream of air at a temperature gradually increasing from room temperature to  300-320 oC for 6.0 h., after which it was kept at a constatnt temperature for 37-40 h.

Second mode – The NHAp was obtained also from bone tissue of catle, but at temperature gradually increasing from room temperature to 260-280 oC for 1.5 h., after which it was kept at a constant temperature for 7-10 h.

In the present study the structure of bone tissue before and after deproteinization was investigated  by the method of scanning electron microscopy.

The results of experiment, performed by the method of infrared spectroscopy, show that the protein was removed from the heat treated specimens of bone tissue practically compleately in both cases.

This method of obtaining of NHAp was designed for further creation of biomaterilas for bone tissue replacement.

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Presentation: Oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009, Symposium I, by Lauris Rupeks
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