Structure and properties of ceramet composites Hf - HfB

Volodymyr A Makara 1Serhiy Chornobuk 

1. Department of Physics, Taras Ahevchenko National Kiev University, 6 acad. Glushkov Ave., Kiev Kiev-22, Ukraine


Hafnium is characterized high mechanical durability and plasticity, and has high resistance and high corrosive firmness to the radiation damages. Such complex of descriptions does him suitable for the use in quality the absorber of neutrons. One of effective methods to increase of strenght descriptions of hafnium without worsening of suctive ability there is creation of composition ceramet materials on the basis of hafnium and boron, that it is related to specific nuclear properties of the indicated elements.

In this work a structure and mechanical properties of composition materials Hf – HfB,  got the method of a vacuum argon-arc melting is studied. Composition of the got specimens was studied by a X-ray analysis. A structure was probed the method of optical microscopy. A microhardness was measured on the device of PMT-3 at loading on indentor 1 N.

It is set that at the melting of powders of Hf and HfB2 a chemical reaction the result of which is disappearance of phase of HfB2 and formation of new phase of HfB flows between them. Thus, composition material of composition of Hf– HfB is formed.

At maintenance of HfB at the level of 5 %(wt.) formed materials with an eutecticum structure (Teut = 1890 0C). At the increase of maintenance of HfB the structure of matrix type is formed: the needle-shaped including of ceramic phase of HfB is evenly placed in the metallic matrix of Hf.

The microhardness of the got materials substantially depends on composition of compos, evenly rising from 2 GPa (Hf) to 9,5 GPa (Hf – 15%(wt.) HfB).

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Presentation: Oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2009, Symposium I, by Volodymyr A Makara
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