“Investigating Catalytic Intermediates in the Rh/PPh3 Catalysed Hydroformylation of Acrylamide by in situ High Pressure NMR”

Gillian Overend 1Jonathan A. Iggo 1Anna M. Masdeu-Bulto 2Montserrst Dieguez 2

1. The University of Liverpool (UOL), Oxford Street, Liverpool L697ZD, United Kingdom
2. Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Av. Països Catalans, 26, Tarragona 43007, Spain


Preliminary catalytic studies were conducted in Tarragona to facilitate a collaborative high pressure NMR study in Liverpool into the factors determining catalyst performance in a new route to methyl methacrylate via the Rh/PPhcatalysed hydroformylation of acrylamide discovered in Tarragona.1  The effect of reaction temperature, pressure, and catalyst concentration, on selectivity and turnover were investigated and the optimal ranges for an HP NMR study determined.  It was found that changing the catalyst concentration had minimal effect on aldehyde regioselectivity, the catalytic system was relatively insensitive to changes in total and partial pressure and that the hydrogenation side reaction could be suppressed at low temperatures.  A preliminary HP NMR study has been carried out on the catalyst system under the optimised reaction conditions, to identify the species present without the addition of the substrate.  A HP NMR study was then attempted on the full Rh/PPh3 acrylamide system.


1.García L., Claver C., Dièguez M., Masdeu-Bultó A.M., Chem. Commun., 2006, 191


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