Lipases from fungus Geotrichum candidum 4013 - biocatalysts in SC-CO2

Klára Hlavsová 

Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Flemingovo n. 2, Prague 16610, Czech Republic


Geotrichum candidum 4013 produces extracelular and cell bound lipases. Extracelular lipase displays specificity to natural unsaturated compounds (such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and their derivatives from natural plant oils). Cell bound lipase displays specificity to saturated compounds. The lipases were used as biocatalysts of the blackcurrant oil hydrolysis performed in water (101.3 kPa, 25°C, stirring, 72 hours) and in SC-CO2 (15 MPa, 40°C, streaming CO2 0.43-0.48 g.min-1). Cell bound lipase was used in the form of acetone powder and extracelular lipase was immobilized on IDA-Agarose support. The chemical yields of both reactions were satisfactory (ch.y. =  34 - 59%).

  SC-CO2 exhibits properties similar to organic solvents, but with additional capacity of encouraging transport phenomena (due to their high diffusivities) and facilitating reaction product separation by tuning solvent power, which makes it more atractive for using as green solvent.

Acknowledgement: The authors appreciate financial support from the Ministry of Education of the CR through the COST project D30/0008/06 (COST D30.001).


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Presentation: Poster at COST D30 Final Evaluation Meeting, by Klára Hlavsová
See On-line Journal of COST D30 Final Evaluation Meeting

Submitted: 2007-10-11 09:14
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