Investigation of the influence of polymeric membrane composition on the ion transport properties by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Beata Paczosa-Bator 1Witold Kucza 1Andrzej Lewenstam 1,2

1. AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics (AGH UST), Mickiewicza 30, Kraków 30-059, Poland
2. Abo Akademi University, Center for Process Analytical Chemistry and Sensor Technology ProSens (PROSENS), Biskopsgatan 8, Turku 00410, Finland


Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is a powerful technique often used to study the elementary processes during the electrochemical transport. EIS by coupling with potentiometric method has become an effective toll in optimization parameters of ion-selective electrodes (ISE). The conventional construction of ISE with typical composition of polymeric membrane, namely poly(vinyl chloride), plasticizer (bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate or o-nitrophenyl octyl ether), lipophylic salt - potassium tetrakis(p-chlorophenyl) borate and valinomycin with different amount was used during measurements. The influence of the electrochemical properties of ions on the transport properties of the potassium selective membranes was investigated by potentiometric and impedance spectroscopy method. The results were compared with simulated impedances obtained on the ground Nernst-Planck-Poisson (NPP) equations. The NPP model as general allows interpreting the electrodes response without assumptions about steady state.

This work was supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Grant No. DWM/232/MATERA/2006.

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Presentation: Poster at SMCBS'2007 International Workshop, by Beata Paczosa-Bator
See On-line Journal of SMCBS'2007 International Workshop

Submitted: 2007-08-31 15:24
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