SMCBS'2009 International Workshop

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Presenting person
01 Joanna Cabaj Highly effective and sensitive sensor based on thin ordered protein layers
02 Patrycja Ciosek Anaerobic digestion monitoring  - application of flow-through sensor array
03 Anna Dobrzeniecka Preparation of copper hexacyanoferrate multilayer films modified with 4-(Pyrrole-1-yl) benzoic acid on glassy carbon electrode.
04 Olga S. Fedotova Ion transfer across the liquid|liquid interface studied with membrane-modified screen-printed electrodes
05 Justyna Frączyk Synthesis and application of library of artificial receptors immobilized on cellulose support
06 Marta Gierwatowska Oxidation of glucose at nanostructured composite bioelectrocatalytic systems
07 Monika Goral Development of electrocatalytic materials based on the mixed addenda Dawson heteropolyanion and conducting polymers
08 Martyna Jańczyk Identification of pure pharmaceutical substance (ibuprofen) and its modification masking substances with the use of electronic tongue
09 Joanna Juhaniewicz Distance dependence in peptide-mediated long range electron transfer
10 Beata Korchowiec Influence of three oxicam drugs on the properties and enzymatic lipolysis of model membranes
11 Beata Korchowiec Selective complexation of inorganic cations with two amphiphilic calixarene derivatives in Langmuir films
12 Barbara Kowalewska Integrated carbon nanotube based mediating systems for bioelectrocatalysis: application to oxygen reduction and glucose oxidation
13 Anna Kutyła-Olesiuk The investigation of masking effect of Eudragite with ISE array
14 Justyna Majchrzak Design and synthesis of libraries of artificial enzymes
15 Natalia M. Makarova Nanofiltering membrane sensors for the determination of homologous polyoxyethylated nonylphenols
16 Justus Masa Pyrolyzed polypyrrole-metal composites immobilized on glassy carbon for gas sensing and catalytic applications
17 Shinya Masuno Surface Immobilization of Dinuclear Ruthenium Complexes Bearing Aqua Ligand on ITO or TiO2 Electrode: Fabrication and Its Photoelectrochemical Properties
18 Hirotoshi Matsumura Direct electrochemistry of cellobiose dehydrogenase for applications in the third-generation biosensor and biofuel cell
19 Nicholas S. McBride A biosensor for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis siderophores
20 Monika Mroczkiewicz Application of metalloporphyrin-based acetate-selective electrodes in FIA systems
21 Ievgen Obraztsov Structure-reactivity effects in electrocatalytic dioxygen reduction in aqueous solutions at electrodes coated by electrochemically synthesized molecularly imprinted polymers of a cobalt porphyrin diphenylamine derivative
22 Anders B. Olesen Restructuring and cleaavage of ferrocene-alkanethiol ester SAMs in lipase-based activity assays.
23 Justin Pahara DNA repair enzymes and bioelectronic devices
24 Adriana Palinska The interactions between methylene blue and various types of DNA at screen-printed electrodes
26 Alexandra Poturnayová HS-undecylcalix[4]arenes as the receptors for detection of dopamine by quartz crystal microbalances
27 Małgorzata Rajfur Sorption properties of algae Spirogyra sp. and their use for heavy metals determination in surface water
30 Majka Šnejdárková Development of mass-detection affinity biosensor for determination of prion proteins using dendrimers as a support for immobilisation specific antibodies
31 Olga Święch Cyclodextrins as molecular recognition elements in monolayers
32 Sevinc Tuncagil Biosensing Applications Of Engineered Pyranose 2-oxidases Wired With Osmium Polymers
33 Britta Vaske Local Control of Cell Adhesion by Electrochemically Patterned Oligoethyleneglycol-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers
34 Ana S. Viana (Bio)Functionalisation of gold surfaces based on CS2 – amine reaction
35 Beata Wrzosek Structure of triazole compounds on Ag surface - Raman, SERS, XPS spectroscopy and DFT calculations.  
37 Robert Ziółkowski Application of mass fabricated silicon-based gold transducers for amperometric (bio)sensors
38 Justyna W. Janusik Metallacarboranes as redox labels in voltammetric methods of DNA determination
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