"Advanced Materials for Radiation Detectors and Sensors: Wide-Gap Semiconductors and Superconductors"
(Warsaw, September 8 - 10, 2004)

The workshop will be devoted to the novel semiconducting and superconducting materials for radiation detectors and sensors. The improvements in the cadmium-based II-VI semiconductor crystals: CdTe, (Cd,Zn)Te and (Cd,Mn)Te, as materials for X-ray and gamma-ray detectors used for detection of the radiological nuclear agents and weapons will be discussed. The superconducting radiation detectors and magnetic sensors and their role in the security of quantum information processing, radiation detection, non-destructive testing of aircraft parts and concrete highways, and geophysical prospecting will be reviewed. The discussion will also focus on future trends in radiation probes and the desired directions of their future development.
The Workshop is in the framework of the NATO Programme "Security Through Science" (information on this programme can be found in the internet at http://www.nato.int/science/). It is a series of lectures given by "keyspeakers" and discussions with the invited participants. There will be neither contributed talks nor poster session. However, the authors of papers related to the Workshop topics are encouraged to register http://www.e-mrs.org/meetings/fall2004/ to the appropriate Symposium of the E-MRS Fall Meeting (September 6 10, the same venue). Two of the Symposia are closely related to the NATO Workshop:
Symposium E - "Superconductors - New Developments, New Materials, New Applications, and Nanoscale Investigations",
and Symposium F - "Wide band gap II-VI semiconductors: growth, characterization and applications".
Due to the coordination between the Workshop and the E-MRS Fall Meeting the participants of the Symposia E and F can also attend the NATO Workshop.

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Organizing Committee:

Roman Sobolewski, Prof., University of Rochester, ARW co-director
Andrzej Mycielski, Prof., Institute of Physics PAS, ARW co-director
Paul Siffert, Prof., General Secretary of the E-MRS
Marta Z. Cieplak, Prof., Institute of Physics, PAS
Gordon B. Donaldson, Prof., University of Strathclyde

Contact Information:

Scientific matters (semiconductors):
Prof. Andrzej Mycielski,
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Al. Lotnikow 32/46 ; Warszawa, POLAND
phone: (+48 22) 843 5626 ; fax: (+48 22) 843 0926 ; e-mail: mycie@ifpan.edu.pl

Scientific matters (superconductors):
Prof. Marta Z. Cieplak,
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Al. Lotnikow 32/46 ; Warszawa, POLAND
phone: (+48 22) 843 5626 ; fax: (+48 22) 843 0926 ; e-mail: marta@ifpan.edu.pl

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"CONGRESS-OR"; E-mail: office@congressor.com.pl
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