Nano2Business Workshop
7-8th February


Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology

Senate Hall

followed by:

Meeting of the foreign experts commitee of the nantional foresight project on advanced materials technology "FOREMAT"

9th February

at Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Aims of the Workshop

  • Provide the European Commision and national governments with suggestions on how to facilitate the transfer of nanotechnlogy to business
  • Provide a model for an effective working nanotech incubator and networking methods
  • Analyse how a good reseaech network should be organsied

9th February: assessment of progress in Foresight study in the field of advanced materials in Poland.

See and fill our Nano2business questionnaire

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Wednesday 7th February 2007

09:00 am Welcome Address (Senat Room)
Tadeusz Kulik - Vice Rector of Warsaw University of Technology and
Krzysztof Kurzydlowski, State Secretary in Ministry for Research

09:10 am Introduction
Witold Lojkowski – Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Poland
Rudolf Frycek – European Commission

09:30 am Intangible Assets and Financing of High-Tech Start-Ups
Matthias Werner – NMTC

09:50 am Experiences of nanotechnology SMEs

09.50 am Recent progress in commercialisation of Blue Laser Diodes
Mike Leszczyński – TopGaN Ltd, Poland

10.10 am Diamond Nanocoatings
Peter Gluche – GFD mbh, Germany

10:30 Coffee break (Room 123)

11:00 Incubator Models and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) – Part I (Senat Room)

An Ideal Technology Incubator
Paul W. Gilgen – EMPA, Switzerland

The UK Begbroke Science Park – from Science to Business

Alison Crossley – OMCS, Oxford University Begbroke Science Park, UK

12:00 am Lunch (Room 123)

13:00 pm Incubator Models and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) – Part II (Senat Room)

WMtech Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies: example for a public - private partnership

Hans Fecht, University of Ulm, Germany

The CSEM Spin-off Model

Alex Dommann – CSEM, Switzerland

14:00 pm Moderated brainstorming session. “How to make a good
incubator” (Senat Room & Room 123)

  • How to measure the success of a technology incubator?
  • What are the barriers to innovation for technology incubators?
  • How to overcome innovation barriers?

Moderation Group I: (Senat Room)
Matthias Werner – NMTC, Germany
Alison Crossley – OMCS, Oxford University Begbroke Science Park, UK

Moderation Group II: (Room 123)

Witold Lojkowski – UNIPRESS, Poland
Colin Johnston – Oxford Applied Technology Ltd, UK

15:30 pm Coffee Break (Room 123)

16:00 pm Presentation by Moderation Groups I and II (Senat Room)

16:20 pm Summary of the first day
Witold Lojkowski – UNIPRESS, Poland

16:40 pm Questions from the Participants

17:00 pm End of the first Workshop Day

19.00 pm Diner in Restaurant “Chlopskie Jadlo”, 100 m from Hotel MDM entrance to the left.

Thursday 8th February 2007

10:00 am Outline of the second workshop day (Senat Room)
Witold Lojkowski – Unipress, Poland

10:10 am Thematic Networks: Benefits and Boundary Conditions?

HITEN Success and Failure of a European Network

Colin Johnston – Oxford Applied Technology Ltd, UK

10:40 am Brainstorming session. “How to develop a network that stimulates research and transfers nanotechnology to business?” (Senat Room & Room 123)

How should a network be organised?

How and when to measure the success of a network?

Moderation Group I: (Senat Room)
Matthias Werner – NMTC, Germany
Alison Crossley – University of Oxford, UK

Moderation Group II: (Room 123)
Colin Johnston – Oxford Applied Technology Ltd, UK
Witold Lojkowski – Unipress

12:00 am Lunch (Room 123)

13:00 pm Conclusion (Senat Room)

Witold Lojkowski – UNIPRESS, Poland

13:30 pm End of the workshop


The workhop is organised in the form of:
Two panel discussions
The group is divided into Panellists and Audience.
The panel group is 20 invited experts.


Friday 9th February 2007

Evaluation of progress of the National Foresight Project on strategies for research on advanced materials

For participants of the foreign experts advisory group and invited experts.

Venue: Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Sokolowska 29/37, 01-142 Warsaw.

09:00 am presentation of the project results

Discussion of results and recommendations for further work.

12:00 am - end of meeting.


Witold Lojkowski, Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Paul W. Gilgen, EMPA, Switzerland

Matthias Werner, NMTC, Busines Information and Consulting, Germany


The workshop is funded by:

Nanoforum, European Project, see http:www.nanoforum.org

Polish National Foresight project on Advanced Materials "Foremat"

Polish Network on Nanotechnology "NAMIC"

EMPA Switzerland

Deadlines and fees

There is no particpation fee for the invited participants.

Other persons willing to participate please contact one of the organisers, Witold Lojkowski

2 February 24.00 (00.00 AM) : deadline for on line registration.

2 February 24.00 (00.00 AM) :: upload of invited speakers presentations.

and: filling in an on-line questionaire that will be provided.

and final hotel reservation.


The Nano2Business workshop will be held in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology. It is 10 min walking distance from hotel MDM.

The adress is Plac Politechniki 1. Senate Room

The Foresight meeting on 9th February will be held in the building of the Institute of High Pressure Physics,
Sokolowska 29/37.

It is 20 min by taxi from the hotel. If you take one of the taxis with clear indication of the price on the side window (from 1.60 to 2.00 zloty - about half Euro/km) the cost will be less than 30 zl.


We reserved a block of rooms for the invited participants in
Hotel MDM, Plac Konstytucji, Warsaw

Please register personally by mailing or calling the hotel telling arrival and departure date.
Organsiers cover costs of stay of invited particpants for the nights
6/7th and 7/8th and 8/9 February.

The hotel received from us the lsit of participants.

Address: MDM Hotel
Pl. Konstytucji 1
00-647 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: + 48 (0) 22 33 91 600
fax.: + 48 (0) 22 33 91 608


The hotel is about 30 min by taxi from Aitport.
It is in the city centre, on the main street of Warsaw: Marszalkowska, with easy communication by public transport to all important places of Warsaw.

Social Programme

Dinner in Restaurant "Chlopskie Jadło" on 8th February, 19.00. Chlopskie jadlo means farmer's food.

The restaurant is 50 m from the entrance to the hotel. to the left if you go out.

Particpation upon invitation by organisers.

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Local Information

You may find much usefull information under the web address of the European Materials Society Fall Meeting, http://www.e-mrs.org/meetings/fall2007/


Doc Witold Lojkowski, wl@unipres.waw.pl, phone +48 22 8880006

Dr. Janusz D. Fidelus, jdf@unipress.waw.pl, phone +48 22 8880062

Mrs. Joanna Sobczyk, jsobczyk@unipress.waw.pl, phone +48 22 6324302