8 Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum "Fizyka w Ekonomii i Naukach...

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Presenting person
1 Łukasz Bil Methods of non-extensive statistical physics in the study of chosen companies from the Polish and Portuguese stock markets treated as example of complex financial system
2 Andrzej Buda Diffusion paths between hit singles charts in Europe.
3 Second Bwanakare Predicting Gross Domestic Product Components Trough Tsallis Entropy Econometrics
4 Mateusz Denys Universality of market superstatistics
5 Piotr J. Dudojć The impact of rate of return calculation on the quality of data.
6 Krzysztof Dzienisiuk The research of events characteristics based on EventRegistry.org database.
7 Marcin Halicki On the Foster-Hart measure of riskiness
8 Beata Jackowska-Zduniak Numerical analysis of modified Kaldor-Kalecki models with couplings and delays
9 Maciej Jagielski Income and wealth distribution of Norwegian households
10 Aleksander Jakimowicz Prosumption in the public administration sector
11 Aleksander Jakimowicz Econophysics as a new school of economic thought: twenty years of research
12 Krzysztof Karpio Visualizing income determinants of Polish households
13 Marek J. Karwanski Mixed models and ensemble methods and their performance in LGD modeling.
15 Zbigniew Kozioł Dynamics of Users Activity on Web-Blogs
16 Grzegorz Link Dynamic bifurcations on financial markets
17 Piotr Łukasiewicz The quantile decomposition of income distributions of males and females in the USA
18 Robert W. Przybycień Locating the source of diffusion in complex networks
19 Tomasz Raducha Coevolution in model of social interactions: getting closer to real-world networks
20 Ewa Ratuszny Risk modeling using the Extreme Value Theory. Application of Ecompassing Method and Combined Forecasts to VaR quantification.
21 Tomasz Soboń Multiway similarity approach based on divergence functions and smoothness measure.
22 Tomasz Soboń Analysis of financial time series morphology with AMUSE algorithm and its extensions
23 Dominik Strzałka Influence of long-term dependencies on hard drives performance during human computer interaction
24 Piotr M. Tempczyk Study of time series reversibility with Pomeau criterion
25 Joanna Toruniewska Co-evolution of the Potts model and topology of interactions
26 Marcin Wątorek Stochastic modeling of stock market speculative bubbles
27 Dorota Wejer Complexity of cardiac rhythms by permutation entropy of ordinal patterns with repeated values
28 Mateusz J. Wilinski Complex correlation based networks - clustering and causalities in the market
29 Sebastian Wójcik Invariance of Certainty Equivalent under Cumulative Prospect Theory
30 Jeremi K. Ochab Reinventing the Triangles: Rule of Thumb for Assessing Detectability
31 Łukasz G. Gajewski Is there group  impact on study records?  Data mining analysis of students’ scores at Faculty of Physics, WUT
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