Mid Term Evaluation Meeting COST Action D32

Chemistry in High-Energy Microenvironments
JUNE 7 th - 9 th 2006

Acronym MTEM D32

We kindly ask particpants of the meeting to register on-line.
Participants with oral presentations and posters are kindly requested to register their abstracts
This will help:
- with organisation of the meeting and planning the events
- to disseminate our results to the broad public,
- to publish the book of abstracts.


The aim of the event is to:

  • Review the progress made within our action and allow the evaluators to provide a Mid Term Evaluatiin report
  • Provide scientific contact between COST D32 scientists and attendees at the European Sonochemistry Society Meeting (ESS 10), held in the early part of the week.

The procedure is for D32 Working Group Coordinators (or stand-ins) to give 30-minute presentations (25 minutes plus questions) on the outcomes to date of Working Group activities, concentrating on strategic aspects, while there will be poster sessions involving a proportion of laboratories from each Working Group that give scientific detail of typical specific activities (from joint publications, STSMs etc).

Abstracts of posters and oral presentations must be registered on line under adress http://science24.com/event/cost-d32/.
The abstracts will be published on-line after acceptance by the Meeting Chairman

Wednesday 7 th June 2006
Afternoon: arrival and social events with ESS, putting up of posters, evening meal

Thursday 8 th June 2006
Putting-up of remaining posters (posters are available for inspection throughout proceedings)
9 am Introductions:
COST Science Officer - H Roemich
Chair D32 - DJ Walton
Local Organiser - U Neis
9.30 am Oral reviews- Working Groups
WG 2 (Tiehm)
WG 3 (Leonelli)
10.30 am Coffee and posters
11 am Oral reviews - Working Groups
WG 4 (Gonzalez),
WG 5 (Canals),
WG 6 (Cravotto)
12.30 Lunch and posters
13.30 Oral reviews - Working Groups
WG 7 (Bremner),
WG 8 (Masson for Neuchter)
WG 9 (Mettin for Lepoint)
15.00 Tea and Posters
15.30 Oral reviews -Working Groups
WG 10 (Bogdal)
WG 11 (Zille for Cavaco-Paulo)
16.30 Conclusions
Chair, Science Officer, Assessors, TC Rapporteur
17.15 Management Committee Meeting and parallel poster session
20.00 Evening Meal
Friday 9 th June 2006


Local Organisers:

Chair: Professor Uwe Neis,
Section of Wastewater Management and Water Protection
Email:- [email protected]
tel: +49 40 42878 3207 fax: +49 40 42878 2684

Secretary: G Loebkens:
TuTech Innovation GMBH, Postfach 901065, 21050 Hamburg
tel: +49 40 76629-6551 fax: +49 40 76629-6559
Email:- [email protected]

Meeting Chairman Action D32 Chairman: Professor David J. Walton
Coventry University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone +44-24-76795952
Fax: +44-24-76795963


WARNING: This is not the sonochemistry conference but the cost action D32 meeting, abstracts regustered there will not participate in the sonochemistry conference. But you can after the conference bring your poster to the cost meeting.

Abstracts will be accepted by Meeting Chairman and then will be published on line.

Instructions about content:

1. Abstracts of oral presentations. Oral presentations of 30 min including questions will be given by WG coordinators. They should inform the braod public about the important achievements of the Working Group. What was the problem to be solved, why this is important, what progres was made. The text should be interesting both for experts and for people form other fields.
Slide 1 Title of WG superimposed on a map of Europe (or the world if necessary) showing the WG partners.
Slide 2 - 4. Main theme of WG, referring to themes of D32 Action.
What was the unsolved problem that motivated to start joint research,
What method was applied to solve this problem.
Why this is important.
How the situation changed compared to 2 years ago when you started joint research. How this work is situated in the general research field of chemistry.
Slides 5--- List of labs in detail and contributions of each to the WG, brief scientific details of lab activities.
Slides X---- Deliverables and metrics:
a) Meetings, Working Group meetings, Other meetings and conferences where WG labs met up, Other useful meetings attended, presnetations etc,
b) publications (published or in press)
Joint between WG labs, joint between any other D32 WGs and personnel. Relevant publications not joint.
c) Grant proposals (sumitted or in hand)
Joint within WG, with other D32 labs, any other relevant ones.
d) STSMs, details of any within WG or with other D32 labs or with other.
dates personnel, places, scientific topic, brief mention of results
e) List of posters given to this Hamburg meeting, titles authors topic etc to guide assessors when visiting poster sessions
f) Slides Y---- Future activities, planned and feasible
g) message: The most important inforamtion you want the audience to remember

2) Abstracts of posters. They should illustrate the scientific results obtained due to interaction mof the research groups.

The following instructions of the abstract preparation apply:

  • abstract must be composed and submitted on-line (copy/paste from your word processor is available)
  • length of the abstract body is limited to 5000 characters, including spaces and formattings
  • only Latin and Greek letters are recommended (special characters are also available)
  • a figure or picture can be inserted in the abstract
  • simple equations can be inlined, complex ones should be placed as pictures
  • give no heading information (title, authors, affiliations) in the abstract body
  • abstract is displayed in the final form in the browser ( WYSIWYG ) and must be verified/corrected by the author on-line as it will be published as is without any further edition by the organisers.

Please, consult abstract composition manual for more details. You can correct your abstract on-line at any time. Please consult abstract composition manual for more details.


Power point presentations with permisssion of authors will be published on-line

Support of the meeting and reimbursement rules

The meeting is Supported by COST : European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technological Research In the domain of Chemistry within the Action D32

Maximum reimbursement is 800 Euros (including all meals).
Only for participants that:

Are MC members OR present a contribution
AND are on the list of persons to be reimbursed submitted to COST office

You can check with David or Debra if you are on this list. Contact them ASAP if you will replace a person who is not comming.

Deadlines and fees

There is no participation fee for registered particpants.


The meeting will be held at the Hamburg University of Technology, located approx. 20 min. from the central train station (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof) and 45 min. from Hamburg airport.

Public transportation from Hamburg Airport

The Airport Express Bus (non-stop)
to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) departs between Terminal 1 and 2 every 20 min. Travel time: 25 to 30 min



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Take the Airport Express Bus to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and then take the subway (S-Bahn) S3 towards "Neugraben" or the S31 towards "Harburg Rathaus" and get off at "Harburg Rathaus" (Hauptbahnhof - Hammerbrook - Veddel - Wilhelmsburg - Harburg - Harburg Rathaus). From the station it is only an 8 min walk to the University. The S 3 or S 31 (direction: Neugraben or Harburg Rathaus) departs every 6/10 min from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof). To "Harburg Rathaus" it takes about 16 min.

A taxi from the airport to the Hamburg University of Technology will cost approximately 50 EURO.

S-BAHN-TICKETS (SUBWAY): Hamburg Hauptbahnhof -> Harburg-Rathaus

For the trip to Harburg please purchase tickets for the "Grossbereich Hamburg", available at the ticket-machines (accepting coins, 5 EURO, 10 EURO and 20 EURO notes).


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June is high season in Hamburg. Therefore, to ensure availability, reservations should be made as soon as possible.
Provisional room reservations have been made at selected hotels located in the vicinity of the event. Rates refer to room per night and include V.A.T. , breakfast and service.

Hotel reservations should be handled individually by each participant.
To obtain the reduced rates below, mention the congress keyword
upon reservation.

Hotels 10 min walk to the Meeting venue:

Hotel Panorama:
Single Room EUR 77, Double Room
EUR 97
Subway station: Harburg Rathaus
Harburger Ring 8-10, D 21075 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 790-6797, Fax +49 40 790-4896
E-Mail [email protected]
Arrival: 5. June 2006 Departure: 9. June 2006

Hotel Hamburger Hof
Single Room EUR 64, Double Room EUR 84
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Hotel Heimfeld
Single Room EUR 62, Double Room EUR 86
Subway station: Heimfeld
Heimfelder Stra├če 91-93, D 21075 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 790-6797
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Arrival: 5. June 2006 Departure: 9. June 2006

For further information please contact:
HAMBURG Tourismus GmbH
Steinstra├če 7, D 20095 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 30051 300
Fax +49 40 30051 333

we also recommend Hotel Reservation Service www.hrs.de


Action D32 Chairman: prof David J. Walton

Coventry University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +44-24-76795962
Fax: +44-24-76795963

Local Organisers:

Chair: Professor Uwe Neis,
Section of Wastewater Management and Water Protection
Email:- [email protected]
tel: +49 40 42878 3207 fax: +49 40 42878 2684

Secretary: G Loebkens:
TuTech Innovation GMBH, Postfach 901065, 21050 Hamburgtel: +49 40 76629-6551 fax: +49 40 76629-6559Email:- [email protected]