COST D30 Final Evaluation Meeting

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Presenting person
Céline Fellay High Pressure Hydrogen Generation from Formic Acid
Henrietta Horvath Synthesis and catalytic properties in the hydrogenation reaction of new iridium(I) NHC complexes 
Salme H. Koskimies Utilization of CO2
Anna M. Masdeu-Bulto Hydroxycarbonylation of 1-octene in supercritical carbon dioxide
Chris Michiels Cellular impact of sublethal pressures on Escherichia coli 
Luca Rosi Hydrogenation of dicarboxylic acids to diols using Ruthenium catalyst
1 Oliver Friedrich High Pressure Tuning of skeletal muscle function on the cellular level in mammalian and fish muscle: How pressure specifically interacts with excitation-contraction coupling
2 Klára Hlavsová Lipases from fungus Geotrichum candidum 4013 - biocatalysts in SC-CO2
3 Ferenc Joó New classical and non-classical hydrides of Ru(II) in aqueous solution
4 Amin Karmali Effect of physico-chemical parameters on biocatalysis of glucose 2-oxidase from Coriolus versicolor at high pressure
5 Ed Lester Synthesis of nanopowders in supercritical water in a continuous flow reactor
6 Krzysztof Lewinski High pressure crystal structure of ribonuclease A
7 Bernard Mackey Cell concentration effects on survival of Escherichia coli during high pressure processing
8 Filip Meersman Pressure effects on amyloid fibrils: a review
9 Agnieszka Opalińska Characterization of nanopowders
10 Agnieszka Opalińska Synthesis of doped ZnO nanopowders in microwave hydrothermal reactors
11 Gillian Overend  “Investigating Catalytic Intermediates in the Rh/PPh3 Catalysed Hydroformylation of Acrylamide by in situ High Pressure NMR”
12 Robert R. Piticescu Synthesis of Al doped ZnO nanopowders and their enhanced luminescence
13 Roxana M. Piticescu New inorganic-organic hybrid materials with strong chemical bonding
14 Jean-Baptiste Rouget Ankyrin, a good model protein for folding/unfolding studies
15 Gusztav Schay Changes at the intersubunit interface of human Hemoglobin A upon effector binding does not result in a compressibility change at the heme pocket.
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