Current Economic and Social Topics 2015

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Presenting person
Gert Dragoshi Practice necessities in audit of environmental in public and private sector, case of Albania
1 Dashmir Asani Human involvement and e-banking
2 Veysel Çakmak  The Review of the Relationship between the Styles of Humour and the Skills of Solving Problems among the Employees
3 Artan Haziri Characteristics of the labor market, employment policies in Kosovo and European Union in the year 2014
4 Anna M. Lucinska Hedonic indexes, financial returns and period effect in Polish art investment
5 Artur Ribaj The three lines of defence model and banks in Albania
6 Monika Rozkrut Regional Disparities in Digital Literacy and their Impact on Digital Economy - the Case of Poland.
7 Ledjon Shahini Private pension system in Albania 
8 Dorota Starzyńska Sources of financing the innovation activity in polish companies in the years 2007-2013
9 Tomasz K. Wisniewski Analiza rozwoju rynku kontraktów terminowych na indeks WIG20
10 Dorota Żebrowska-Suchodolska Investment efficiency of equity funds in the years 2004-2014 by using drawdown measures
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