Current Economic and Social Topics 2015

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Oral Jacek A. Batóg Econometric analysis of chosen labour market tendencies in the European Union
Oral Zdzislaw Burda Effect of income tax and wealth tax on reducing wealth inequality
Oral Patrycja Chodnicka-Jaworska Information value of the credit rating on the credit default swaps market
Oral Wiesław A. Dębski Statistical properties of returns for stocks listed on WSE in period 2005-2015
Oral Krzysztof Dmytrów Comparison of the TMAL and the TOPSIS methods in selection of locations in order-picking
Oral Mariusz Doszyń Propensity to risk and the prospect theory
Oral Gert Dragoshi The movement of the labor force as a regulatory mechanism in the area of a single currency, the Eurozone and Albania  
Oral Gema Fernández-Avilés Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Financial Maps from a Multidimensional Scaling-Geostatistical Joint Perspective
Oral Anna Gierusz Pension benefits available from occupational pension schemes in Poland for different saving options
Oral Elżbieta M. Gołata Population development in Poland - consequences for labour market and pension system
Oral Emilio J. González González The monetary impact of the European financial integration: the case of Spain
Oral Marek Gruszczyński Value relevance of companies’ financial statements in Poland
Oral Marta Hozer-Koćmiel Equality and Sustainable development in EU countries – a comparative study
Oral Hermeindito Kaaro Price Disparity of Country Asset Pricing Model
Oral Andrzej Karpio Investment effectiveness of polish pension funds during the changing of the legal rules
Oral Bogna M. Kaźmierska-Jóźwiak Dividend changes and future profitability changes - a case of Polish listed companies
Oral Mohammad Nauman Khan Mutual Fund Performance and the Market Index: Evidence from Pakistan
Oral Krzysztof T. Kompa Gender parity in public companies in Poland vs. EU equality directive
Oral Paweł Kossecki Copyright Collecting Societies and Cable Operators – Assessment of Copyright Value: Taxonomic and Market Comparison Approach
Oral Dominik M. Krężołek The use of Value-at-Risk methodology in assessment of investor's risk attitudes on the precious metals market.
Oral Aleksandra Majda The influence of corporate governance models on financial performance Polish family businesses
Oral Justyna Majewska Identyfying outliers in age-specific mortality rates and their impact on life expectancy projection
Oral Aleksandra Matuszewska-Janica Structure of employment and wages in ICT and tourism sectors in Baltic Sea Region: gender analysis
Oral Aleksandra Matuszewska-Janica Reasons of men's and women's inactivity in the labour market in the Baltic Sea Region states
Oral Paweł Miłobędzki Testing the expectations hypothesis using zero yields for US treasuries
Oral Sandra Misiak-Kwit WRCs' potential to increase women’s participation in SME, Innovation and Economic Growth
Oral Sandra Misiak-Kwit Development of Women-owned SMEs in Poland focused on Group buying tool and Importance of the Internet
Oral Magdalena Osińska Performance of American and Russian joint stock companies on financial market – a microstructure perspective
Oral Krzysztof M. Piasecki Black-Litterman model with intuitionistic fuzzy posterior return
Oral Jarosław Poteraj Pension System in Guatemala
Oral Yasen Rajihy Back Propagation ANN in Stock Market Forecasting
Oral Jerzy R. Różański Variation of foreign direct investments in global environment.
Oral Dominik A. Rozkrut Analysis of changes in rates of return for stocks listed on WSE in years 2010-2014
Oral Tomasz Schabek "Sell not only in May". Seasonal Effect on Emerging and Developed Markets
Oral Anna Shostya Dealing with Financial Fragility in the 21st Century:The US Bank Supervision and Monetary Policy after the Crisis
Oral Aleksandra Staniszewska Charity banking: utopia or an alternative to greedy finance?
Oral Jiri Strouhal Testing the Quality of Corporate Governance Disclosure of Companies Listed in Bucharest Stock Exchange
Oral Beata Szetela Market timing and an investment fund efficiency analysis in Poland
Oral Małgorzata L. Tarczyńska-Łuniewska Analysis of changes in the potential of West Pomeranian Province in the years 2008 – 2014 (Analiza zmian potencjału województwa zachodniopomorskiego w latach 2008 – 2014)
Oral Grażyna Trzpiot The impact of longevity risk 
Oral Grzegorz J. Urbanek Analysing Brand Strength – Corporate Financial Performance Link for Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Oral Justyna Wiktorowicz Generations on the labour market in Poland - human capital versus productivity of workers
Invited oral Dorota Witkowska Polish pension market performance in comparison to selected benchmarks
Oral Dorota Witkowska Art Market in Poland. Evaluation of the individual hedonic art price indexes for the selected Polish painters
Oral Anna Zamojska The impact of financial market volatility on experts' forecasts of inflation
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