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Table of contents

Title page

Part I - Registration

Conference webpage with links to registration

Registration form

"Are you the person..." - automatic recognition

Set affiliation

Main menu of the personal conference account

Part II - Abstract submission

Abstract - edit title

Abstract - edit authors

Abstract - authors and their affiliations

Abstract - edit content

Abstract - insert special character

Abstract - context menu (right mouse click)

Abstract - insert image

Abstract - image manager

Abstract - editor in fullscreen mode

Abstract - preview

Part III - Administrative tools

Participants - search and open personal file

Participants - see abstracts

Participants - financial record

Abstracts - summary of acceptance vs. Symposia

Abstracts - acceptance

Abstract - preprint button

Abstracts - sending for rewrite

Part IV - Website editor

Website editor - document tree

Website editor - editing content

Part V - On-line Journal

On-line Journal - Lectures

On-line Journal - Posters

On-line Journal - Interactive city map

On-line Journal - Interactive city map - zoom

On-line Journal - Statistics (sample report)

Author: roman pielaszek

E-mail: [email protected]