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We wish to make Conference Engine™ available to most, or even all Organisers, despite of local or financial constraints that may apply. We prepared supporting plans that abolish those limitations, so you are able to order conference support in peace of mind.

Flat rate - chance for small events

We offer flat rate for all events. It means that there is no installation fee for setting up conference support. This is promotion targeted mainly to small events. The Conference Engine™ can now be used for every workshop, no matter how small it is. Enjoy state-of-the-art, professional conference service for a change that you may have in your pocket now!

Sponsoring programme

Low budget conferences may take advantage of our sponsoring programme. In this programme we adjust service fee with respect to overall costs of the conference. The Organisers will be asked to present grand total income of the event (budget transparency). We will attempt to set costs of electronic support as a reasonable fraction of total spendings. In this mode of operation, customer support is limited to on-line resources only (no personal support is available) and advertisements of the sponsor will be placed in preferred locations.