Manuals are available in HTML and PDF form.


The Conference Engine™ can create useful PDF or Excel documents (called reports) containing current state of the event. Creation of a report can be trigerred by clicking on its link within "Administration->Reports" menu (see picture below).

Currently the following reports are available:

  • participant badges: PDF files with sheets of labels with participant's name and some other data (country, city, institution). Badges of organisers (see section Managing staff) are marked with orange belt
  • accompanying person badges: PDF file of badges with name of accompanying persons
  • general-purpose badges: empty badges and badges with "STAFF", "SERVICE" and "COMPUTER SERVICE" subtitle
  • manuscripts labels: PDF file with labels for manuscript office containing author, title and number of presentation submitted
  • list of participants: Excel file containing complete data of all participants registered
  • list of presentations: Excel file with crucial info (title, authors, acceptance status, etc.) about all registered abstracts
  • financial report: Excel file with current order and payment information (credit card charges are automatically updated)

The reports can be easily customized to create subsequent documents. By courtesy of Dr. Ievgen Obraztsov we provide an example of usage of "List of participants" report for generation of certificate of attendance in OpenOffice wordprocessor ( feely available here).