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Managing discounts

Selected participants, e.g. invited lecturers, may benefit discounted or waived registration fee and/or other expenses. The Conference Engine™ allows to specify list of priviledged persons and assign appropriate discounts. This is done by using "Administration->Discounts" option.

In order to add new person to the list, please select his/her name from the pull-down list. If the desired name is not on the list, please select very last item on the list ("Add new") and wait until a new dialog window appears. This window allows to define a new beneficient. Enter the data very carefully - the beneficient's data will be compared to every new participant's data at the registration time. The discounts will be assigned only if both records match.

After the new beneficient is on the list, amounts of the discount(s) must be entered into yellow fields of the form. The amount is a maximum donation you agree to pay. Due amount of the participant will be reduced by the amount of the discount. The discount may be used in full (order value equal or greater than the discount), partially (order value lower than the discount) or not at all (no order). Discounts are groupped into product categories that match categories provided in the registration form. The discount applies to entire category, i.e. any product in the category.

Red numbers in the discount form correspond to amounts that have been already used by the participants. Granted discounts can be raised or reduced, but not below the (red) amount used already.